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Global Startup Program

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development, in its constant search for the best synergy between industrial policy interventions and those in favor of the internationalization of the national economic system, in March 2019 implemented a specific measure for the support and development of start-ups Italian products whose product or service has international development potential. The ICE – Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies – has therefore organized an integrated development path abroad called Global Startup Program reserved to 120 Italian innovative start-ups, engaged in the development of product or service innovations, with particular reference to ICT (blockchain, artificial intelligence, cyber security, Industry 4.0, fintech), automotive and robotics (batteries and electric cars, autonomous driving, future mobility, apps for carpooling and related web services ), Medtech (medical equipment and apps, life sciences), circular economy (low carbon emissions, innovative materials and substitutes for plastic) and other innovative sectors. The first phase of the project in Italy consolidated the technical-managerial skills (on the issues of international scale-up, intellectual property and project work) of the start-ups; in the second phase, it provided for an internship abroad of about 3 months in selected incubators in the focus countries (United Kingdom, United States of America, China, Japan, South Korea and Slovenia) financed through the provision of a contribution.

Who we are

PeopleForGrowth (P4G) is a non-profit organisation founded by 11 founders of selected innovative start-ups for the first edition of the Global Startup Program.


It promotes the growth of innovative start-ups and cooperates in the study of connected development strategies.

What we do

It shares contacts of international and private investors, for an easy access to the financial products; organize a training focused on the internationalisation.

Why join?

Choosing to be a part of People For Growth means extending international business opportunities and having the possibilities of reaching out active stakeholders helping the development and the scale-up of their company.

The associates have the opportunity to apply for a free amount of mentorship hours with members of the Mentors Board. 

People For Growth select members, specially Italian, from the international community paying attention to their specialization.

People For Growth shares on social networks international events by partners affiliates, (giving to the associates startups advantageous conditions) or relevant events dedicated to a specific sector.

People For Growth organises, together with its partners, vertical session focused on a specific topic or particular needs of industry inside the market.